2. Label: “Within The Pages”

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Choosing the name of my blog was the hard part, I wanted something to identify with, wanted it to sound cool and easy to remember. I choose “Within The Pages” because of how much I like to read, learn new concepts and surround myself with pages. For me, life is like our personal book series. Each stage of our lives is a book and each chapter is a time in that stage, a process, a year in our lives, maybe more. I believe it depends on the person; we are all different, after all… Life is a journey in which we embark the day of our birth, each decision we make shapes us into who we are today. To me, the pages of our books are those moments that we cherish, remember, learn and grow from. Because of this, I choose “Within The Pages” as the name of my blog, to commemorate all those little or big moments in my life that help me become who I am as a person. Also, to emphasize that we live in the day to day, that we need to enjoy life, enjoy those moments, and see the positive of each day we have in this world.

– S.Maristany

1. To blog or not to blog

I was told by a friend of mine that it was necessary nowadays to have a web page, blog, professional twitter, facebook, Instagram, you name it. My head was spinning! I had to get to work. I was so behind and wasn’t aware of it. I’ve always fancied writing so I thought making a blog would be a breeze, but alas, I was wrong. I sat down to decide what the heck should I even blog about?! Truth be told, I had so many ideas that put together they didn’t make sense… it would be a whole mumbo jumbo, some weird random pile of awesomeness that most people wouldn’t even put together… but well that’s me. So now I’m writing about me, my experience being a newbie blogger and of course all the challenges that will come along with! I will also add the occasional randomness and sparkle in some of my beautiful unique weird awesomeness. So join me for the ride of the makings of my blog “Within The Pages” @SMaristany.wordpress.com

– S.Maristany